Beautiful Portraits of Real Women

Featured Empowered Stories

Jessica’s Empowerment

Empowerment is knowing that sometimes walking away is the best option. 

Empowerment is not being a victim of your past, but becoming a warrior for your future. 

Empowerment is knowing that at the end of the day
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Alexis…My body is my canvas

Growing up I was always the shiest little girl you’ve ever met, I was quite, I was never heard. Over the years my voice grew with my interest in art. I chose to speak my mind, my heart, and my life through my skin, I chose to make my body my own canvas. This was a hard decision as no one ever understood or supported me. They would always say “you’re
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Rosita’s Story

My own story of empowerment begins with my biological mom deciding to give me up for adoption for a better life in the United States and my mom and dad's decision to adopt me. I was originally born into a family living in extreme poverty. My mom told me at a young age that empowering women was very important. She passed away when
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Hanna…. From 69 to 70

Kianna Facing Adversity

From Dancer to Strength Coach and Entrepreneur. Being in a career that is male dominated and facing adversity everyday trying to achieve a position that no female has achieved yet. Being 22 and graduated. Having endured 2 fairly large surgeries and not being able to participate in my sport anymore. Becoming an entrepreneur and striving to build a brand new business up to be successful. Knowing how much my mom has sacrificed for me
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Chessell’s Inspiration

I am inspired by my fellow cyclists who are active community members and avid athletes at all levels and ages. I get my butt kicked by women older than me on a daily basis and love it! Cycling and being part of this group is one of the most important things in my life."

"I have been a member of the Portland Velo Club for
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